Another from Dave Kipp - Big Boned Woman

This past 3-day weekend I was able to catch up with my buddy Dave Kipp in the St Louis Metro area. I met Dave on the streets of Omaha, Nebraska when my bandmate and I were playing a few shows in the area back in 2004. Dave and I have kept in touch ever since. It was like pulling teeth getting Dave to play guitar this weekend, probably because he was exceptionally tired. Anyway, when he picks up the guitar it is as if he hasn't missed a beat. I usually try to get him to play his song 'Big Boned Woman' whenever I visit. He did oblige with part of the song, but then 2 days after he pulled off another You Tube video installment with the full version of the song. So I am linking the You Tube video up for the viewing audience. Enjoy!

 Also, a few fridays ago I went to a concert on the outside third floor of a parking garage in downtown Columbia, Missouri. The concert was apparently an annual concert that is put on for high school bands to showcase their talent. I didn't stay too long, stayed for two acts, but it was a great experience all in all. I took photos of a young man lugging a piece of equipment up to the staging area for either himself or one of his friends' rig. The piece of amp cabinetry was massive and I felt it just had to be photographed. Here it is:

I actually wouldn't mind having that cabinet for a rig. No matter. The shows were great and clearly there are many young people in the world that have loads of musical talent and ambition, even here in Columbia, Missouri. We can be hopeful. - Out! (Gairroes) ShareThis

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