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I haven't posted in ages, nearly 13 months, I believe. Anyway, I have recently moved and now live in Columbia, Missouri. While I am here I am attempting to visit a few open mics to see what is out there and get a sense for the music community. I have gathered a few pieces in the past few weeks from the open mics, but last night probably gave me my best first opportunity. Here it goes. Enjoy!

This guy is named 'Bart', I think he is a carpenter during the day. When I saw him play last week (at The Blue Fugue), it blew me away. For some unknown reason I found his guitar style quite striking and refreshing, especially for me since I have been in a 4-year slump of not being inspired or feeling like my own guitar playing has been leading to anything that might be understood as progress.

And, here is one last video of Bart from last night (Tues Aug 30, 2011).

These videos were taken at The Bridge in Columbia, Missouri which is associated with the Columbia Academy of Music. The Bridge holds an open-mic on Tuesday nights and other events throughout the week. The Bridge is a cool place to play. The chatter at the bar tells me that the Academy of Music opened only in the past year. Both The Bridge and The Columbia Academy of Music are located within the same building. Here's to their continued success!!

- Out!

Rolland Gairroes


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