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All opinions on this matter are totally acceptable, but as I read on the topic more, I am coming to the conclusion that I do want my 10 or 12 dollars to go directly to the artists so they can cover their costs. No middle man. No intermediary. I want the ones that created and recorded the songs I love to listen to, that they get 100% of the 12.00 dollars I might pay for their product. It is no different than needing to buy toothpaste at the local general store. I know I can't get it for free, I have to pay the full price.

Here is an interesting article to review.

Thank you.


A Buffet of Bartholomew Bean songs, and One More from Luke Mitchem


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Bart Bean songs

And a fella from Washington, DC came on through town. Named Luke Mitchem, he grew up just north of Joplin, MO and was trying to drum up some money to help local schools replace items in the area music departments (sheet music, instruments, etc.), all lost in the nasty 2011 tornado weather event. His first song was brilliant, have no idea what it was called. I enjoyed his voice very much. Very nice chap, didn't get to visit with him much as he had a TV appearance in Kansas City to do the next morning. Needless to say, he had to get in the car and drive after playing his set. Do check out his website to find further information.

That's all I have for now!!!


Back on The Horse


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Pretty soon it will be a new month in this new year of ours. I totally missed the dragon celebrations in Asia this week, but have heard about them over the datawebs.

Many weeks have passed and in those weeks I fell into a slump, but not to worry! Still attending open mics and trying to keep an ear or two open for those Columbia, Missouri, those central Missouri, those Missouri, generally, music sounds. I am a sad man. I had a ticket to see Ghost in Chicago this past Tuesday, but the economy is slash and burning the 'ole wallet so all I have is a ticket that hasn't been torn by the dude at the door and a very sad photo of the ticket. Just couldn't pay for another trip up there and back, at least not just yet. Not even the You Tube videos I have seen so far have done the concert justice.

Lots of fantastic music happening in Columbia, as of late. For the louder bands, my camera mics clip and that issue pretty much renders the videos useless for posting online. But watching the bands in action has been very cool and priceless. This location called the Columbia Academy of Music is a veritable bee hive of activity for music instruction and all things associated. As time passes and I better get a sense of the people here in town, a sense of the culture here in Columbia (the pace of life is much, much slower here than in Chicago), a sense of where venues for art and music exist, it is very apparent that the Academy is an incubator for young musicians, but also for gathering rehearsed and seasoned musicians. It is a big soup, or maybe a Union Station, of sorts, for musicians.

Enough already. Here are a couple of photos and a couple of videos. Still plenty to sort through in my archives. We'll see what gets put up on the blog, not sure what I have in the files.


Bartholomew Bean from Tues Jan 24, 2012 at The Bridge

This next shot is of a guy named Zircona. Some of his songs are perfectly brilliant. I always arrive too late at the open mic to video tape him playing songs.

A photo of The Funky Funky Freaks Tues Jan 24, 2012 during 'Jungle Boogie'

Next up: Tellanova performing on Tues Jan 24, 2012 at The Bridge in COMO

This is a perfectly good and unused ticket to a perfectly great sold-out metal show. My heart grieves for not having gone. However, I found out recently from that Mastodon is taking Ghost out on the road in the USA this April. I'll have to better plot my course for that show.

That's enough for now. We're back!!!!.....after a little recovery.