Open Mic updates at The Bridge Tues Nov 8 2011


I have a few updates from the open mic rounds this week. 3 videos today. There would have been more, but I didn't take better care to grab video.

Here are a couple of photos after leaving the open microphone at The Bridge. It had rained, from my best estimational capabilities - about 30 hours, pretty consistent. This is a favorite time of the year for me and I thought the view from the sidewalk was timeless. The old Sony Cybershot treats it right from time to time.

The first videos will be from a young lady named Ruth Acuff. Phenomenal performances. Simply amazing.

This next piece is from a guy named Paul Weber. I realized I had seen him before, when he played the previous night at The Blue Fugue. He plays with Todd Day Wait, from time to time, I am assuming. Anyway, he played some great tunes at The Blue Fugue, and then brought the harmonium to The Bridge. This was a fine rendition of a Johnny Paycheck song. Hope you enjoy!

Good things happening in this area. Again, check out The Bridge if you are in town. Stay tuned for further updates.......

- Gairroes signing off!!! It's all I've got right now.


Life I post well past deadlines re: Columbia Missouri open-mike updates


I have a few videos from a few local favorites on the open-mike scene here in Columbia, Missouri. All videos are from The Bridge in Columbia. Let's begin. First up is Tadaaw 3. These gals are just really sweet people and always friendly at the open-mike. You'll be guaranteed to smile when you watch them perform.

Next up is Bartholomew Bean. He is a regular at the open-mikes. I enjoy his music very much, it confirms to me that musicians can be level-headed in this world. Excellent voice and interesting guitar playing, nice and different.

Again, visit the website for The Bridge and check out their schedule and deal:

Check 'em out and support!!!!