Columbia, Missouri open-mic updates Sept 6 2011 at The Bridge

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A couple of characters to feature this week. In town this weekend is a festival that the city's fathers put on with the help of many local businesses. One of the fellas playing the fest stopped on in at The Bridge this past Tuesday night to play a couple of pieces, his name is Todd Day Wait. Todd is apparently from Columbia but now is traveling full-time with the music bit. He came and played the songs on acoustic guitar, his harmonica player joined along for all of the songs. I was really taken with his interpretation of the John Lee Hooker song 'Crawlin' King Snake'. He has a really nice vibe on the guitar and his voice is particularly excellent. I haven't seen him enough to know how often he plays guitar on stage. Last night at the local fest he played the electric piano and had two guitar players accompanying. Either way, he is quite talented. Todd Day Wait's information is at the following, so go ahead and give some things a listen and check-up on tour dates for your area: And here are a couple of songs from the cat named 'Bart'. He is a pretty big hit with the crew at the open mics in Columbia, Missouri here. I don't have any website information for Bart. I did get a chance to chat with him briefly on Monday at The Blue Fugue and he reports that during the better part of the 90's, of not more, he lived in Chicago and visited the open-mics there on the regular. He and I chatted a bit about Mike, the owner of the Inner Town Pub on Thomas Street. Oh, Upper Wicker Park Heights.......I guess there is a minor dispute amongst citizens about whether the pub is situated in Upper Wicker Park Heights or in the Ukrainian Village. Probably can be settled over a beer at Clem Jaskot's Phyllis' Musical Inn at Wood and Division streets.   That's it for now. Keep ya posted on further happenings in the area. Out! (Gairroes) ShareThis

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