Singer-Songwriter Night - Chris Darby and Friends Feb 10 2010 Wednesday

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Here are a couple of quick photos from the evening of music that occurred last night at Phyllis' Musical Inn at 1800 W Division St., Chicago, IL. This is the 56th year of Phyllis' being in business. It was good to see Clem Jaskot, the owner of the bar, and Kenny, drummer from the band Anxiety High.

These such evenings are the brainchild of Chris Darby, local singer-songwriter. He has been doing these events for two years or so, and has been playing the local Chicago area and the midwest for the past 7 years. Chris will be embarking on an adventurous outing come this next July 2010. Please check out Chris's music at

Chris arranged for a few local musicians to play a set of songs that they might not be typically doing on any other night. The challenge of the night was to assign a cluster of six willing musicians to learn roughly 5 to 7 songs of one of the other participating musicians. The night ensued as follows:

Guy Grace played Rob Reid songs
Rob Reid played Guy Grace songs
Raul Cotaquispe play Jeff Breakey songs
Jeff Breakey played Raul Cotaquispe songs
Ryan Suzuka played Ty Maxon songs
Ty Maxon played Ryan Suzuka songs
Chris Darby played a song from everyone that participated

NOTES on the photos: the battery to the camera cancelled out right after the Ryan Suzuka set, so I focused on getting a full song on video before it faded out. None of the Ty Maxon photos turned out due to photographer error.

Guy Grace played Rob Reid songs during the Songwriter night.

Guy Grace and his backing band: Dr. Julie on violin/percussion, and Hoyne on guitars

Rob Reid playing Guy Grace songs

Raul Cotaquispe playing Jeff Breakey songs

Jeff Breakey and his guitarist John Elstad playing Raul Cotaquispe songs.

A pretty terrible picture from the back of the bar, but it offers a little perspective.

Another shot of Rob Reid playing the Guy Grace songs

This photo really typifies Guy Grace on stage. The fella barely remains still, and that made for a great performance.

This shot with Rob Reid, Hoyne, Guy Grace, and Dr. Julie.

Show Highlights:

Ty Maxon covered two songs of Ryan Suzuka's, one of which, I believe, was his last song of the night. Impeccable. A riveting performance. I wish I had a recording.

Chris Darby singing a cover of Guy Grace's 'Beautiful Man'. Darby went into a vocal range I had never seen before in the years that I have been fortunate enough to watch him perform live. The bar erupted in applause after that song. I wish I had a recording.

All told, it was a wonderful time and pleasant evening just to sit down and listen to these folks engrossed in their craft.

Quote of the Night: "Chris, Phil, she needs a husband." - Clem Jaskot

See other photos from the night here:

The next in the Singer-Songwriter Series is on April 28, 2010 Wednesday.

Stay tuned for videos to be posted on this here blog. And, thank you for reading!

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Indeed, it was a great night.
That's some great documentation, Philip !!

Sounds like a lot of fun! wish i coulda been there.

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