heaven or graceland?

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most singer-songwriters play songs of a somber-variety. tennessee troubador henry daggs is more likely to inspire a shit-eating grin. in his songs, daggs tells you why he'd rather visit graceland than go to heaven and why bears are like giant dogs that want to kill you. the light-hearted nature of so many of henry's songs makes it that much more effective when he wants to drive home a serious point about loyalty or a friendship gone awry.

on a recent night in january, henry blazed through kansas city with his collaborators children of spy. henry played an early show at davey's uptown ramblers club with ben summers and chad rex and a late show at the riot room with the grisly hand, remarkably filling both venues--something out of the ordinary as any touring musician who has played kansas city will tell you. at the matinee show, henry played a solo set to a quiet and attentive audience. later on in the night, things got substantially more raucous as children of spy filled out the arrangements.
listen to "fuck heaven" off of henry daggs' record "effing the ineffable."

Fuck Heaven

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