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Sometime during the winter of 2009 one of the bands I play in had a show at Ronny's Center for the Performing Arts on California Ave in Chicago, IL. It was frigid, dimly lit (a singular small lamp sat on the floor providing the only illumination), and everyone in attendance was bundled up inside the venue, as I'll never forget, yet all became the formula for a lovely evening of local music inside the old garage. The occasion, also, was another one of those evenings when one plays a show, shares the bill with other musicians, quite often other bands/musicians one doesn't have any prior knowledge of, and their music is so good it gives one pause, prompting the self and the audience to listen a bit more attentively, perhaps even causing a person to become a fan. That particular night, one of the other acts on the bill was a local Chicago musician going under the name, Meander. Her set consisted of a refreshing collection of songs and provided a fitting texture by which to conclude the evening of music.

I wrote Meander last week and she expressed interest in letting me post one of her songs (Snow Lightning Bugs) for the Derelict Songs blog readers. In most instances I immediately hear the sonic features of a song before being drawn in by the lyricism - that's just the way my brain functions - here is no different. Meander has a fantastic way of playing the guitar and organizing a tune, it was striking to hear some of the tones coming from her guitar during that night at Ronny's. I hope you'll enjoy this song and, perhaps, visit the website listed below to learn about the other song offerings from Meander. I seem to recall that her album is available at Reckless Records on Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, IL. Surely, Meander will have additional upcoming local shows listed, before too long, on her website. Be sure to catch a performance if you have a free night on your calendar!

Snow Lightning Bugs

Thank you for reading and listening!

- Updater ShareThis

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