Good way to spend Valentine's Day

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This was an interesting way to spend Valentine's Day. These are taken from some work done toward a yet to be released Chris Darby EP.

Erin Frisby on vocals. Erin is in a couple of bands: In Miniature and Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray. Erin actually spent time with us and then ran off to do vocals at another studio only moments after finishing her parts for this project.

Maxon on vocals and Breakey as Engineer.

Darby on vocals.

Schroeder on drums.

Darby on rhythm guitars and lead vocals.

Maxon on guitar.

Suzuka on harmonica and vocals and additional photography.

Breakey as Engineer and Maxon on guitars and vocals.

Darby on guitar and vocals

Gairroes on bass

Julio on guitar and percussion.

Somehow I was able to convince these fine folks to let me take photos of them while they recorded on Valentine's Day this past Sunday. Here are a couple of the whole lot to offer.

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