Tired and in need of sleep. South Haven, MI

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A nice cluster of photos from this evening's show at The Foundry in South Haven, Michigan.

The Foundry Hall run by Andru Bemis and his trusty crew, is a great place to play a show in western Michigan. Chris' voice tonight was booming and dynamic without any assistance from electronic technology.

This bluegrass band is from Niles, Michigan, they are called 'Twenty-Three'. They were some mighty fine pickers. It was a real good time. I think the bassist stole the show, but the whole band was virtuosic, not a weak link among them. I kept hearing that Twenty-Three recently opened up for The Goldmine Pickers at the Foundry last year.

So there you have a few photos from tonight. Now I am off to go under the covers for the evening to grab a few hours of sleep before picking up Julio in South Bend tomorrow from the South Shore Line. Julio's primary band, The Sometimes Family, had a show at Martyr's in Chicago, IL tonight. He took the Amtrak to Chicago this morning from St. Joseph, Michigan.


Twenty-Three apparently do not have a web presence at this time. One of the guitarists did indicate that they play a lot of the summer festivals in the area when things get warmer.


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