Parting shots of South Haven MI Sunday Jan 31 2010

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Lots of sleep and a bowl of oatmeal with dried cranberries can start a day just right. I was hoping to get some of the fine artistic coffee over at Julia's Cafe in beautiful downtown South Haven MI, but I had a choice between shots of a frozen-over pier or Chicago-roasted Intelligentsia coffee at Julia's Cafe. Well, the shots of the nature won the competition. Coffee from The Flying J will have to do the trick.

Everyone should certainly check out the fine music that Andru Bemis crafts in his spare time when he isn't running the Foundry Hall.

The band Twenty-Three has been playing these parts for roughly 11 years, mostly around Niles, Michigan, I hear. Anyway, we'll put up some fantastic videos of them in just a short while. Stay tuned to this here blog for more.

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