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Nathaniel Seer recently sat down with us after a show in Madison, Wisconsin, during the last week of his most recent tour (Nov 2009) to do an interview for audio posting within the blog. This guy has some remarkable songs to his credit and is just fantastic at playing the guitar and singing, as well as an all-around good guy.

Nathaniel Seer Interview - 60MB

This is the blog's first audio interview posting. What comes with that is the real possibility that fades are getting worked out and levels are getting figured out and I am gaining a better understanding of how audio editing software works and how I can possibly get better with it over time. The interview with Nathaniel is a very good one, and quite lengthy. I do hope you enjoy. Please forgive any amateur mistakes with the editing. For a first attempt, I think the trimming and general editing didn't turn out all that bad after all, but it is clear I have some areas to improve upon with subsequent audio interviews.

You can learn more about Nathaniel Seer and his record label at the following:

I look forward to doing this more with other musicians as each one has a fascinating story to tell and expand upon.

Please enjoy and thank you for reading!

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