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cover art for latest Rob Reid album 'The Principles of Crop Rotation'

I thought I would post this little bit from a few weeks ago. This is a photo taken at the Rob Reid/ Them Damn Kids show at Uncommon Ground on Tues Dec 29 2009. Rob Reid officially released his latest record on that night 'The Principles of Crop Rotation'. The photos of the cables and the gear always pique my attention. Along those lines, here are the instruments of choice for Rob Reid. Every musician is a chemist.

Rob's album, and music, in generally, is fantastic. Try to catch his next show at Phyllis' Musical Inn on Tues Feb 10 2010. The address is: 1800 W Division St., Chicago, IL 60622. Rob will be taking part in a night showcasing a few local singer-songwriters. This particular night, I believe, will involve each of the writers playing one another's songs. The night will be hosted by Chris Darby.

I am a fan of live recordings. I love seeing the myriad of possibilities in live performance, and then being able to capture that one moment, whether the medium be an audio recorder or a video camera. The live recording listed below is actually the audio feed from a video of Rob performing a few weeks ago. The reason I didn't post the video is because there is a non-verbal interaction between Rob and the audience that is actually quite priceless, but on video (upon further review) I determined it would be a bit distracting, were I to go on with posting it. Rob did a really nice job of this track that night, it's a pretty fine performance, and so I thought listing it might be an alright course of action.

Rob Reid - Tuvalu - live Fri Jan 1 2010 Kenosha WI.mp3 ShareThis

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