The House Cafe show DeKalb, IL Dec 30 2009

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Them Damn Kids up on stage as they opened up for The Sometimes Family.

Currently the temperature is -4 degrees in Spring Grove, IL as I put together this little bit on the House Show's New Year's Eve New Year's Eve show in DeKalb, IL on Wed Dec 30 2009. We had a good night of sleep. We all smell like fire and our host just offered to make us coffee to get things going.

The headliners for the evening and the show stoppers: The Sometimes Family

The Sometimes Family headed-up by Rebecca Sometimes really brought the soul to DeKalb, IL this night. The band includes Rebecca (guitar, lead vocals), Mollie (flute, vocals, and percussion), Steve (bass and vocals), Phil (drums and percussion), and Julius (organ and vocals). The crowd instantly took to their music as they broke into the first song 'Love'. There were several moments when I had interactions with other audiences when we both motioned to one another that the music was amazing. That was the general sense for the entire set.

I didn't realize I had a decent shot of Phil, the drummer. This also has a snap of Rebecca shredding on the Les Paul.

It had been many months since I had seen The Sometimes Family last. I was delighted and pretty overwhelmed by what they are accomplishing with their soul music. The whole band pretty much consists of five music savants. It was so great to hear that they enjoyed the show, as well. In putting any show together, when bands get invited to come along for the show, one always hopes that it is a fun time for all, indeed that was the case for both bands. The music that The Sometimes Family is coming up with, all original material, is going to be perfect for the DeKalb community in the coming months and years. Look for big things to come from this band, on the order of a global soul music domination.

Last, but not least. The maestro of the evening, the dear and beloved, Matthew, from the House Cafe in DeKalb, IL, in this last photo. This man is brilliant, as are the staff that create the wonderful atmosphere and community at the cafe. If a person gets a chance to go to the cafe, be sure also to have a conversation with local farmer, Chris Stanley. You'll be sure to always have a great conversation. That man has some great stories.

Matthew is prepping the crowd, in this last photo, for the balloon drop as the time neared midnight. Shouting Daylight was on-stage at the time. They were a very fun band to close out the night. That band had a really swell vibe, apparently a good many of them are open-mic all-stars at The House Cafe on Monday nights. Communitize, revitalize, and heal. ShareThis

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