3 shows in 1 day.....Rob Reid and Them Damn Kids ...Wisconsin dates

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The rascals just finished the 1st of 3 shows today. The first one was at the Racine Arts Council, it is quite a rad place. Good proprietors and great sound. Great chai.

Writing this new post at a great new little cafe (site of the 2nd show), that is only 5 months old, according to the only principal remaining. Apparently his partner in the enterprise was his brother, but the sibling has already headed off to Eugene, Oregon. Correction: the chai provided at the Racine Arts Council was Almond Joy Chai tea, hot tea. Name of the location for the 2nd show today is Cafe Celeste in Racine, WI.

The woman that runs the Racine Arts Council, her name is Jessika, a great, friend lady. Real swell place, Chris from Them Damn Kids reported that the natural reverb in the room has not even be touched yet on this tour. A beautiful room to play in. The sun was popping on through the large storefront window, all throughout the show. Pictures to follow, charging the camera's battery at the current.

Rob Reid played an encore, per the audience's request: he played 'Engineer from Gary'.

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