Rob Reid Takes Philadelphia by Snowstorm

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"Here's to the robot who took my job..."

Rob Reid, that reliable rascal, was here Tuesday, & we put on a hell of a show at the Satellite Coffeehouse in West Philadelphia that night. I mean, those five people were really enjoying themselves, even the baby. (Yes, a real baby came to see us! And with all that snow on the ground! That's dedication.)

(above picture is Rob's percussion set-up seen from the stage)

"I'm glad I could be automated. I felt like a robot anyway..."

Rob brought his own kitchenware with him & a tiny guitar. And his loop pedal (the robot who helps him do his job). These pictures were taken with my cell phone camera, which is a pretty poor piece of machinery. Sadly, no pictures of us dragging equipment through the snow drifts. (A bad mistake, by the way. Rob sprang for the cab home: $4 plus tip.)

Rob & Zhenya & I went back to our place, had a couple bottles of Bell's Kalamazoo Stout (not a bad little stout), and looked at pictures of cities, especially a cd of Detroit that Rob was packing, and some Philly shots i have on my hard drive.

(above: Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia,
looking east from the top of Calvary Church at 48th & Baltimore)

The next morning i accompanied Rob to the Greyhound station via the Reading Terminal Market, where Rob purchased a banana for the bus ride. Then he was gone.

Me texting Rob the morning of the show: Very important. How do you take your coffee? Milk? Cream? Haffenhaff?

Rob texting me back: i don't drink coffee, but in social settings i like to carry an empty mug. ShareThis

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