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Greetings to all!

Just going to put up a quick post on this particular day. It is obviously an holiday for many, therefore this relates, sort of.

Now I don't often remember to listen to Peter Mayer (singer-songwriter from Minnesota), or at least enough. That's my first problem. However, with the snow nearly being washed away here in Chicago from the rains of the past 35 hours, I am recalling a time when I saw Peter Mayer in central Minnesota in the winter of 2002 at a lodge on the grounds of a Lutheran summer camp and retreat center, to be exact, it was the Luther Crest Retreat Center in Alexandria, Minnesota (located in an amazing region of that State of Minnesota with its clusters of beautiful lakes). The snow was falling that night when some acquaintances and I went to see him. It was another magical night. I certainly wish that the snow were falling today on this here Dec 25 2009, as it was on that night in the winter of 2002. I have failed, since, in my desire to see Peter Mayer perform again, hopefully that can change soon.

There was actually a time, in the middle part of this soon departing decade, when Peter Mayer didn't know if he would be able to play guitar anymore due to advanced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or a disorder akin to that. During that period, he would play shows with a local Minnesotan guitarist, Dan Schwartz. Dan played the guitar and Peter sang. I believe Peter even tried alternative medical therapies to address the pain in his hand, acupuncture, occupational therapy (I assume), Yoga, Pomegranate tea (just kidding!), and the like. Somehow things have improved with his hand, which I assume was his left hand judging from the strap on his left hand as can be seen on this video posted below.

This fella is great to catch if you see him with a tour date near your home or in your city. Another great memory of Peter Mayer was catching him at Marine Town Hall in a town called Marine on St. Croix along the St. Croix River, northeast of the Twin Cities area, it was late Summer 2003. That drive, also, was amazing when going to the show, the warm summer's day in eastern Minnesota that it was. I'll never forget hearing one chap say to his friend, as both were leaving the venue after the performance, "I've gotta finish that album I've been working on.". Alot of us feel that way, don't we? Especially after seeing a Master or Sensei like Peter Mayer in the flesh. That'll quickly sober up a writer's-blocked songwriter in a jiffy.

For the locals in the Chicagoland area, Peter is playing in Northbrook, Illinois (northern suburb) this upcoming January 30, 2010 (Saturday). Tickets are $25.00, the show is at The Northbrook Leisure Center. I am sad I won't make it as I'll be playing some shows with my band in Michigan that weekend. He often stops by Valparaiso, Indiana to play a few nights at Front Porch Music. In the meantime, here is a video of a song that might fit with the holiday.

Thanks for reading!

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