Changing One's Name

I have been dying to publish this video, or at least provide the link. I suppose some reasoning may provide a bit of back story. In the late 80's a relative had lived in Miami, Florida for a year or two. I had gone down there to visit, at least once, with parts of my family, it was very excellent to go and explore. This took place at a time when I was a rabid Miami Vice fan. Along came Michael Mann with his television show and the movie 'Band of the Hand', and for the young impressionable chap that I was back then, I was hooked. Bob Dylan had a song on the soundtrack for the movie, a song I will remember for as long as I live, 'It's Hell Time Man'. (Now I am thinking about Hibbing, MN. I have to remain focused.). For today, I'll stick to the southern part of the United States as regards geographical and musicial focus. No matter, the song often starts playing in my head, at times when least expected, and it is always a pleasing noise in my brain. It's a good one, hope y'all enjoy.

Ridiculous factoid: Izzy, the two-bit informant on the show 'Miami Vice', apparently was also one of the actors(Martin Ferrero) in 'Jurassic Park' (a movie I have yet to see). There was a program on the Weather Channel recently about how the filming of Jurassic Park was disrupted in Hawaii because of a substantial hurricane that caused a good deal of damage to the area where filming was taking place. The guy who had played Izzy, actor Martin Ferrero, said he and his wife were worried about their son, at the time of the hurricane, because the son has Autism and suffers from a seizure disorder, it was feared that the son's disorder might get triggered by the hurricane. No problems occurred amazingly enough, they were glad to report.

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