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Here's a snap from Sunday Nov 15 2009. Spent the weekend with some of my band mates and a great engineer and his wonderful dogs, rescue dogs, actually. The activity that occurred over the time spent was equal to that of medicine for a soul that was under the weather, perhaps a tinge anemic. The canine in the photo truly did not care for photography, especially when the lens was aimed at it specifically. The dog had great personality and reminded me far too much of my legendary dog, Cliff. Doesn't pop culture usually follow with the quote, "Sniff, sniff."? Just mention Cliff and I'll pretty much be distracted from what I am involved in when the name gets mentioned. Nevertheless, a weekend hanging out with a dog that has a bit of the Akita breed in it, is the kind of activity I would not hesitate to sign up for. And on top of that, the dog had visible graying hair in the face. Excellent. I also was having loads of fun recording some pieces with one of the bands in my life, which was the primary focus. The whole weekend was a great thrill, I can vouch for the band that it was the same for all involved. A consistent thread, almost overwhelmingly, that has come before my eyes in seemingly everything I am doing or reading or hearing, in the past two weeks, is this simple message about the importance, and it has a quality of imperative attached to it, of pursuing the things that one is passionate about. There are very lucid memories of peak moments from the weekend when the band was recording, when I was reminded of how music is very much a tangible and intangible passion in life, for myself, all band mates, and the friends/acquaintances that I wish to report on through this mechanism of the blog. Roses now, but I also know that passion wanes and goes through its seasons. I suppose now it is fair weather. Soon, surely, there will be passion that will have run low on fuel. Maybe this is another reason for the blog, to talk about it, and let's others talk about through it their words or their songs. Just trying to be honest with this qualification. I have gone through a number of cycles with this passion and this pursuit, I can only hope that I have somehow learned how to preserve a core piece of what makes me feel inspired and charged up when I hear music that stirs me, the same music that makes me want to make music, all the while somehow ending up on the other side of having forged a way through the cycles of pursuing one's passion.


- Mr. Whiskers ShareThis

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