Living by the lake


Today I was in the middle of one of my regular errands associated with work. This particular errands get me to a location where I can enjoy a remarkable view of Lake Michigan, up close. Today was not any different from any other time that I have seen the lake: always full of surprises in the way viewing the lake takes me away from the day's trials and tribulations, etc. I should make a note to myself that I need to journey once more up along the Circle Tour, just north of Kenosha and Racine, up toward Milwaukee, then the stretch that leads out of Whitefish Bay (it is no surprise that the real estate is expensive there) to Sheboygan and all of the little spoken of places along the coast of Lake Michigan, at least on its western side. The west coast of Michigan is another love affair I'll surely be blogging about before too long. Actually, I'll more than likely post a few items on that come late Jan 2010, as one of the bands I am is hoping to schedule a few weekend runs in that area, specifically South Haven, Michigan.

This blog is becoming an omnibus of sorts, and will probably get out of control. I was fawning over the choppy waters of Lake Michigan about 30 minutes ago with my new little camera device, trying to capture the waves and the change in the weather. Certain moments, when one is watching the lake, really make it clear why the fellas on the Edmund Fitzgerald sank during that horrific November storm (the 'November gales' as the maritime community refers to them) years back. The waters were ferocious today. This body of water is so large it easy to forget that it isn't an ocean. Even the rip currents all along the coast claim human lives each year, they can be so strong.

Well, here is a video clip that I took. The rain was beginning to fall and I had to create a canopy with my hands. In lieu of such detail, one can forgive the little insert of my left hand acting as a buffer from the rain, top left screen. The last thing I need is a rain-damaged camera.


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