Open Mic updates at The Bridge Tues Nov 8 2011

I have a few updates from the open mic rounds this week. 3 videos today. There would have been more, but I didn't take better care to grab video.

Here are a couple of photos after leaving the open microphone at The Bridge. It had rained, from my best estimational capabilities - about 30 hours, pretty consistent. This is a favorite time of the year for me and I thought the view from the sidewalk was timeless. The old Sony Cybershot treats it right from time to time.

The first videos will be from a young lady named Ruth Acuff. Phenomenal performances. Simply amazing.

This next piece is from a guy named Paul Weber. I realized I had seen him before, when he played the previous night at The Blue Fugue. He plays with Todd Day Wait, from time to time, I am assuming. Anyway, he played some great tunes at The Blue Fugue, and then brought the harmonium to The Bridge. This was a fine rendition of a Johnny Paycheck song. Hope you enjoy!

Good things happening in this area. Again, check out The Bridge if you are in town. Stay tuned for further updates.......

- Gairroes signing off!!! It's all I've got right now.


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