Ghost from Sweden

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I have long debated in my mind whether I should mention these next few videos.  The purpose of what I'd like to keep to doing with this blog is to advocate for lesser known bands/musicians I and other fans might encounter that deserve to have a presentation of material in a live format.  Today's blog posting will do most of that, with the exception of the band being better known.  The band is Ghost.

I love metal music but can't play it.  Metal music is the majority of what I listen to when I am in the car, practicing bass, guitar or just by myself working.  Most music I will at least listen to if offered to me. I may not like everything as a preference. In saying such, I still feel it is far better to recognize effort and talent than to dismiss music whole and entire because it doesn't appeal to me - there is usually something decent that can be mentioned.  Anyway, I try to be open to music from any genre.  I simply listen to metal music/hard rock more often than not.

Ghost came into my purview in early summer 2011, probably from the website, which I visit frequently to get updates on my favorite metal heros.  Once I heard this band's music, I was hooked.  I know, after watching the following videos, it might not make sense.  But these dudes have a sense for crafting metal songs that breathe and have space, melodies, even solid singing.  In addition, the theater of it all is hard to resist.   OK.  Enough.  Let's get to the videos.  I recently ran across some You Tube subscriber who posted a full show from this summer of the band playing in Europe.  I couldn't believe it.  Until now I have just been able to see 2 or 3 quality songs of them online (quality video/audio).  So, here is Ghost.

The band came to the East Coast in the spring of 2011. Apparently it was a huge success. They were slated to play 3 weeks of dates in late Sept/early Oct 2011, but had trouble with visas getting over from Europe. If there is any justification for putting up a post on them, despite their already being quite successful, it because I don't think enough people know about them in the USA. Enjoy the infectious sounds.

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