Eric Nassau, Ladies and Gentlemen, Eric Nassau

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Photos from one of the recent Eric Nassau shows in Chicago, Illinois, when he wasn't on a tour, at least that is what the poster said. (This particular show took place on Friday April 30, 2010)

It was great to hear Eric's voice again. I hadn't seen him in nearly a year and a half. Fun show, great entertainer and he is a fine guitar player, as well. Go to the website listed below and some of his music will be listed for listening. Here's a photo of Eric Nassau with 3/5ths of The Sometimes Family.

Eric played one new song about enjoying a pleasant afternoon in Texas hill country underneath a shade tree, letting it all happen. I don't recall the name of the song, but it was amazing, for sure. Eric has been in the habit of going to the Kerrville Folk Fest in recent years. The song is a product of spending time down with the friends that all attend the Fest and partaking in the experience.

Eric reports that his beard is older than dirt.

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