The House That Willi Built - Friday April 23 2010 Madison, WI

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This is a cluster of photos from a house show at The House That Willi Built in Madison, WI, which took place on Friday April 23, 2010. The evening showcased the likes of Them Damn Kids, Slow Loris, and El-Tin Fun.

Willi is down there figuring out a nice loop to use for the delay pedal. I don't think she is very into Analog delay. Jason and Connie, Willi's owners, said she was kind of cranky that day. Connie heads up the band, Coney Island.

In this little photo the 3 seated gentlemen are Jason from El-Tin Fun, along with Chris Darby and Julius Otto from Them Damn Kids. Julius also plays in the lovely Chicago soul band, The Sometimes Family. Chris Darby is going out on a massive tour this late July 2010. Do check out his growing itinerary at the hyerlinked website, it will be a very cool project, for sure.

Here begins the El-Tin Fun photo set. They are always brilliant to catch if you are in the neighborhood. Excellent songs.

This set of 3 photos above features Tom from both El-Tin Fun and Meteorade, Madison, WI outfits. As can be seen in the photographs, Tom plays bass guitar and takes the helm at the drums. Meteorade had played a show about 2 hours prior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The whole band was kind enough to stop by the house show afterwards. Very good folks. They all reported that the earlier show required considerable patience as there were generator problems providing energy to their electrical instruments. The electricity at the house show worked pretty reliably, providing a nice rebound for Tom. The great food and the birthday cake did, too.

Jason on guitar and Tom on the drums.

Here begins a series of snaps featuring Wes from the outfit, Slow Loris, a local Madison, WI enterprise. Slow Loris played after the Them Damn Kids set. The Slow Loris jams had a number of very pleasant layers within them, it is my hope that I can get a song or two posted in video format later in the week. Wes is a really swell fella and was very personal to chat with. By all means, do support and check out his music. It will be pleasant listening.

The feline, Willi, provides some source material for the namesake of the house show. A lovely young cat, and quite vocal, too.


These were a couple of adventurous folks from Beloit, IL. They had hitchhiked 60 miles to come to this birthday party/house show to celebrate both, Jason and Chris Darby's, 30th birthdays. Happy Birthday to both. The young man, Jon Stone, holding up half of the 'Madison' sign is a member of the band Bisonheart. He apparently will be embarking on a solo tour out west this summer. Check out his band, too, if you get a moment. He and his friend were kind people to chat with. Great stories. Seems the sign worked effectively enough.

Good times, everyone. Thank you for reading! ShareThis

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