Chicago Brahaus house band


Trying to catch up on some things. Needed to take some time away from the blog.

Anyway, I went to the Chicago Brahaus last night with some friends and was delighted to see this house band. Not sure if they are on the social networking websites, but going to the Chicago Brahaus on a Saturday night with some mates would be a suitable alternative. What a great time! Apparently there is a cd for sale on the restaurant's website. Go check it out and review it for the blog.

Chicago Brahaus
4732 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago IL 60625 ShareThis

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Yeah, I've been going there for years, and have enjoyed this guy every time !!

Great place for a Spaten and Laberkasse at 10am on a sunday morning. My favorite german restaurant !!

guy grace

My neighborhood! I love this place, and those guys really get people dancing.

erin frisby

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