The willow by the woods

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  Rachel Ries has a way of writing that makes one long for the distant prairies and rural templates of yesteryear. Coming from humble beginnings in South Dakota, she has been gracing venues in Chicago and the Midwest for the last several years. Since the first time I heard her play, at that little bar on Division street, so many years ago, I have been floored by her voice and ability to sing her sad songs of yearning with absolute conviction. This is truly a rare talent.
  I happened upon this song recently, that to me, highlights all the things I love about Rachel's music. Have a listen...

for grandma, untitled

See her play this Thursday night, at the Whistler, in Chicago. Every time I have seen her play, the show has been significantly wonderful. I am certain that this one will be no different.

January 28th
9:30 PM
The Whistler
2421 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL

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