On a short run with Them Damn Kids/Ty Maxon in Michigan

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A few photos from the southern rim of Lake Michigan

Somehow the traffic cooperated and allowed us to slip out of town right quick. The Damn Kids had an extra spot in the car for a silly blogger, so there might be a few updates this weekend of the various activities. Right now we just made it east of Interstate 65. Chris, from Them Damn Kids, popped in the latest Rob Reid album which features the song 'Engineer from Gary'. The song references a place Rob refers to as 'Gary City Church'. Chris did the math and convinced Julio and Ty Maxon that they could pay a quick visit to the church and still make it to the show on-time. An amazing structure it is, this church. The length of their visit inside was all of 9 minutes and 49 seconds while I waited with the gear in the car listening to the jazz station from the College of DuPage. The photos they brought back with them on the camera are remarkable. This place is a sight to behold, for certain.

But, onward we are. Eastbound on Interstate 94 toward Kalamazoo, then to Hastings to go see Bob Dickinson at State Grounds CFHS. The air crisp, lake-effect flurries. The whole bit. Should be a good night tonight.

Here's a Rob Reid cut from his latest album 'The Principles of Crop Rotation'.

Rob Reid - Engineer from Gary.mp3

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