Bile Greene playing Bile Greene songs

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How about some Bile Greene music for the readers?

The first two photographs for this post were taken by Rob Reid from the show he co-headlined with Bile Greene at The Satellite Cafe in West Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday Dec 22, 2009. The word coming across the telegraph was that the show took place in the midst of the most recent blizzard that walloped the East Coast and Atlantic Seaboard before the winter holidays.

(Note the Marshall amp that is situated on its side, beneath the Vox amp. Rob was disappointed in himself for not taking a photo of Bile lugging that amp from the apartment to the venue and then back to the apartment. Apparently it was a remarkable feat in the snow, which I suspect was anywhere from 8 inches to 15 inches at that time.)

The people in Chicago miss that grimace now that he has moved back to West Philadelphia.

(Another shot of that grimace. Taken at a show in late October 2008 in Skokie, IL. It might well have been his last official show as a resident of Chicago, in the general area.)

Bile Greene - track 1 - Thing Not There - from the album 'Blue Train Thing'.mp3
Bile Greene - track 2 - Cathedral - from the album 'By the Waters of Chicago'.mp3

I have played a number of shows with Bile, here in some of the surrounding states. I really wished I had a copy of the song 'Death' by Bile, at least on this laptop. I am sure it is somewhere nearby, I'd post it alongside the others below if I had it accessible. The first time I heard the song was back in Oct 2007, he played it at a venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin that he and I were both performing at. Wow, what a composition it is. Anyway, this man is a gem and I hope more folks get a chance to experience his music. There is a live video of him, performing another song from an earlier album of his, that I'd like to put up on this blog soon, I just need to learn how to edit video first. Look for the video in the coming days or weeks. ShareThis

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hey, somebody called xwiener - sorry, xwinner - seems to have hacked your photos. - bile

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