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Hello to all & any reading this post.

Since i am a stranger in the world of Blogger, i have accidentally created another blog for myself, too: A Dull Thud. Even stranger there.

I am your correspondent (your stringer, if you will) in Philadelphia. I will try to post relevant postings about musical & other cultural goings-on in these parts.

Of note to regular readers of Derelict Songs might be that the illustrious Rob Reid will be breezing through town on the 22nd of December. He & i will be playing that night at The Satellite Coffeehouse, at 50th & Baltimore, in West Philadelphia. This is a familiar venue to two of the contributors to this blog, Chris having played there & Mr Whiskers having enjoyed some sort of sandwich there. (i think it was something with pesto.) At any rate, i look forward to hosting Rob & showing him around the pesto. Rob, if you're reading this, i look forward to showing you around the pesto.

That'll do it tonight.
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