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Well, now that the funnies have been mentioned, I can carry on with the true intention of the blog. Just another set of today's photos, though, for this entry. As well, I am trying to prepare for a few other notable events coming up in the local Chicago folk music scene, namely a few shows that will be taking place in December 2009. Formulating ideas and further interview questions. This is proving to be a fun exercise. Stay tuned...

I got the Swine flu nasal mist today. I asked if they had flavored ones, the nurses didn't, but it wasn't half that bad after all.

A couple of photos coming up here. The first is a view of Lake Michigan. I have had the pleasure of seeing this particular view for the past four years, always in the autumn season, and always without a camera. Times have changed. Now, that is a great Dylan song that I should put on the blog in the future, 'Times have changed'.


I have been admiring the Asters in bloom this autumn, as well. There were still a few remaining blossoms that I was able to capture on the digital image. Their colours in recent weeks have been beyond brilliant. My newfound interest in perennials has been quite a journey. When I learned of Asters and had nearly immediately begun to see them in the prairies nearby, especially in Lake County, it had been, and still is, a source of excitement because they stand out with their bold statement. The following photo I enjoyed a great bit because of the balance of the the blossoms that are already spent. As Craig Ferguson says, "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.".

Asters at Northwestern Univ

And I wanted to add another photo of Oak leaves. I was held up by this tree as I was traveling westward along one of the area residential streets. The sunlight was just perfecto for this shot. These oak leaves are so hardy and durable, they rarely go unnoticed. It is always a great moment when I come upon these leaves, either on the trees, or on the floor of the earth. I grew up with a Pin Oak tree in St. Louis, it is a great tree, it was back in my younger years. By all accounts this week, the acorns are overwhelming to clean up after this particular growing season. I guess it is pretty accurate to say that the tree and my family grew up alongside one another.


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